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Missing Children Statistics

The National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains (NCMPUR) collects information regarding missing persons in Canada and produces a Fast Fact Sheet each year (since 2010). These sheets provide information about probable missing type, the numbers for each province, and the sex of the missing person. They also include the total number of missing children and youth across Canada.

Fast Facts 2018

  • 58% of all missing children/youth reports involve females.
  • 73% of missing children/youth reports (male and female) are runaways.
  • 62% of missing children/youth reports were removed within 24 hours, while 92% were removed within a week.1
  • 57% of all missing persons reports (male and female, adults and children) involve children.

To see the complete NCMPUR 2018 Fast Fact Sheet, click here.

  1. 1 Based on occurrence date.